GerStandhart NVC DCP2017

Ger Standhardt is Manager Knowledge Development & Projects at the NVC Netherlands Packaging Centre. With more than 550 member companies (recycling, retail, packaging design, packaged goods manufacturing, supply of packaging materials, inks and machinery, services) the NVC focuses on innovation, information, education and serving the interests of its members. Ger has been working at the NVC Netherlands Packaging Centre as Manager Knowledge Development & Projects since 2017. He is responsible for the content of the training and educational activities, like the NVC Course Programmes in Packaging for middle and upper management, and for setting up and running new projects. Examples of these are Pharmaceutical Packaging Innovation, the NVC innovation project Web Retail Packaging and the project on Innovation in Packaging Print. He is also in charge of organising Packaging Innovation Contest De Gouden Noot, of which the 29th edition takes place in 2018.