Jean MarcMoriggia Polytype DCP2017Born 1959, Jean-Marc Moriggia has held several management positions in large mutinationals as well as with Swiss packaging and packaging equipment leaders. He holds an EMBA from the Business School Lausanne.

BobbyKleinveld Heidelberg DCP2017Bobby Kleinveld is Sales Development Manager and Interim General Manager of Omnifire Technology. Having grown up overseas and being brought up as a hard worker, Bobby has seen how culture can make a difference when in a working atmosphere. This knowledge gives him the prime ingredient toward confronting different situations on a professional level. Being a team player and people person, he strives to bring out the best in everyone including himself. Having worked with long sales cycles, his key to understanding and maintaining company principles is finding a healthy rapport with both customers and colleagues alike.

KoenSantegoeds IntegrationTechnology DCP2017Koen Santegoeds has worked since 2001 in the printing industry and is Business Development Manager Northern Europe at Integration Technology Ltd. He is based in The Netherlands and covers the European market. After finishing his studies and before joining Integration Technology, he worked for 15 years at Q.I. Press Controls within the Project, Sales Business Development Department covering the worldwide market. During the period 2005 till 2008 he lived in the United States to start up a new business with success for Q.I. Press Controls. Koen holds diplomas in Electronics and Energy Management and in Higher Management.

Dr Bernhard Fritsche holds a Master Degree in Material Science from the University of Stuttgart and PhD from ETH Zürich in Material Science. Dr Fritsche has been working in various industries in the past 20 years serving different management positions. He joined Gallus 6 months ago and assigned the role as General Manager Screeny.

ChrisWaterhouse iDiPac DCP2017Chris Waterhouse is Managing Director of iDi Pac Ltd, Digi Leaflet Technologies Limited a technology spin-off from iDi Pac Ltd and Chairman of the UK Packaging Society which represents nearly 900 packaging professionals in the UK and overseas.
Chris has over 30 years’ experience in the packaging industry having worked in a variety of roles including packaging machine operations and maintenance, packaging and supply chain strategy, packaging development and technical support.
Newly appointed as chairman of the UK Packaging Society he is acknowledged as an industry “go to” professional providing support, network and energy into growing the “Home of Packaging Professionals”.