Tichawa Visions VDCIS industrial scannerVDCIS industrial scanner by Tichawa VisionThe CIS system is designed for the surface inspection of food products and blister packaging as well as products made of glass, wood, metal, plastics and ceramics. Its special feature, a CIS sensor, has increased the depth of field to 16 millimetres from the previous 0.5 to 15 millimetres. „It enables the CIS sensor a more in-depth view“, explains Dr Nikolaus Tichawa, CEO of Tichawa Vision. „It can determine, for example, whether any pills are missing in the packaging, or inspect the prints on cans, bottles and other cylindrical objects.”

Due to its very compact design, the VDCIS can easily be installed into production machinery at minimal expense. The sensor can be equipped with an optional scanning width of 300 to 1.800 millimetres. The VDCIS comes with an adjustable resolution (500 to 1.000 dpi) as well as the lighting combinations RGB and monochrome. “With its outstanding qualities the VDCIS product range can tap into completely new areas of application like the inspection of food products, loose goods or direct-to-shape-prints”, explains Dr Tichawa.

Tichawa Vision GmbH develops and manufactures Contact Image Sensors (CIS) for inspection of flat materials as an alternative to conventional line cameras. The CIS includes in one housing a reading guide line, an optical system, and a light source for high-precision applications, e.g. the printing business. On the know-how of those cameras Tichawa has developed a wide range of cameras for applications in industry. Tichawa Vision configures ready-made and well proven function blocks in a short development time and thus build cameras at extremely favourable costs. This principle offers high reliability in design as concerns power consumption, functionality and size.

Dr Nikolaus Tichawa from Tichawa Vision will hold a presentation during DCP 2017